Welcome to Treasure hunt

Everyone loves a treasure hunt.

Every town has its share of local treasures. Local large, small or micro business and the people who make them special.

Treasure hunt recognises these people and businesses and promotes them to their community for free. Discover the best hidden treasure in your community.

Are you a local treasure?

Come and join us all in a hunt where you are the treasure. Promote your brand, business and treasure for free. Grow, reward and entertain an audience across your community and beyond. Set your socials on fire and turn followers, friends and friends of friends into loyal customers. Businesses click here to lean more.

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How dose it work?

Gold Coast businesses create, share and hide digital coins. You find and collect these coins to gain access to VIP offers and events and spend them on treasure (goods and services) from the shops you know and love.

Download and register on the pearls.io rewards app for free to easily find, collect and spend digital coins.

Looking for rewards that act like real dollars?

Collect ‘digital stable coins’ valued at $1 each and spend them in a single tap at your favorite shops and service providers.

Earn more rewards and pay significantly less using the pearls.io app. Yours for free.

What are the benefits?

  • receive exclusive invites to offers and events
  • easily find and share digital coins
  • when businesses redeem their coins they can spend them at full value so you are not asking for a discount you are getting VIP treatment
  • Join a trusted community of locals
  • receive $10 worth of value (per campaign) from local shops, restaurants and service providers

What features are in the app?

  • find and earn digital stable coins valued at $1 each
  • spend the coins on good and services from local and online businesses
  • join a community of trusted contacts and merchants
  • build your brand and business

treasure hunt

Are you looking for Treasure?

Local businesses create and share with you digital rewards. You find and collect digital coins across socials, the media and hidden all around you. Then spend them on local treasure in your favorite shops, restaurants and service providers.

More about pearls.io.

Pearls.io is a free rewards app and marketplace available to everyone for free. Get the app on your apple and android mobile phone. It is a safe and convenient way to find, collect and spend digital rewards. Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply get and sign-up to the pearls.io app to access your rewards, marketplace and the trusted community.

How do I start?

Its free, get the pearls.io app below and sign-up to get 10 free pearls to get you started. Find and collect digital coins from local businesses and spend them using the pearls.io app.


Champion local business – earn more, pay less.